Hi, I'm Allaire.

 Photo:  Kyna Damewood

I got my start in New York City by working behind-the-scenes as a photo editor and retoucher for high-end fashion photographers. Their outstanding reputations enabled me to work with some of the most esteemed clients in the fashion and luxury industry, including Vogue and Vanity Fair. Taking what I learned from this unique opportunity, I’ve moved from behind-the-scenes to behind-the-camera, photographing a variety of concepts for highly visible brands. Currently, I’m narrowing my focus to fashion stories, Instagram content, and environmental portraits. 

In contrast to the glamour of NYC, I initially became well known for an early personal project, Boundaries, depicting the sexual harassment many women face in everyday life. The project was a welcome opportunity to speak out on important social issues, and I continue to value and strive to create photography that casts a scrutinizing eye on society and promotes awareness and change.

To inquire about my availability, please contact me here. Retouching and wedding portfolios available upon request.


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